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Week 4 Session
Workforce Readiness: Career Exploration

Week 4 Curriculum

Welcome to Week 4 of the CoT Program. This page contains the program curriculum for the Week 4 session. 

Objectives: The objectives of this session are to:

  • Explore careers in global climate change, transportation, and energy industries to prepare teens to the workforce tomorrow.

  • Expose teens to careers that can help solve the impacts of climate change.

  • Brainstorm questions to ask career professionals.


Week 4 Resources

Week 4 Facilitator Handbook Excerpt: Here


Career Path Exploration Worksheet:

Teen Registration:


Center of Transformation

Introduction Video

60 Careers You Can Do to Combat Climate Change

Learning Video

Learning Video Cover.jpeg

Direct Link:
Duration: 6 min, 51 sec

Exercise or Activity

Career Path Exploration

Exercise or Activity


  • Part 1: Research a notable figure or person in transportation or energy trace their career path and Complete the Career Path Exploration Worksheet

  • Part 2: Write down 2-3 questions to ask the Career Professionals in Week 5 (included on the Career Path Exploration Worksheet).

  • Part 3: Have 1-2 teen members share about their notable career figure or professional with the group.

CoT Facilitators should collect all Career Path Exploration Worksheets and email them to


1. Session Debrief Questions:

  • What did your notable career figure or professional do in the transportation or energy industry?

  • What was one thing that surprised you about your notable career figure or person?

  • What kind of education or training did they have?

  • What kinds of jobs or companies did they work for?

2.  Teens:

4.  Facilitator:

  • Provide an Overview of Week 5.

  • Record attendance for Week 4.

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