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Clubhouse @ Your House: Nurturing Youth in the Arts

In an age where digital screens often dominate our lives, it's refreshing to see initiatives that encourage young minds to explore their creative potential beyond the confines of technology. Clubhouse @ Your House is one such program that's making a significant impact by providing a variety of artistic opportunities to youth. From Draw-A-Long sessions to Hip Hop Dance classes, this program has become a beacon of creativity and self-expression for young artists. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the diverse ways in which Clubhouse @ Your House supports youth in the arts.

Draw-A-Long Sessions on Mondays @ 5 PM EST/4 PM CST/ 3 PM MST/ 2 PM PST

Mondays often set the tone for the week, and what better way to kickstart it than with a burst of creativity? Clubhouse @ Your House hosts Draw-A-Long sessions every Monday at 5 PM. These sessions not only introduce young artists to various drawing techniques but also provide a sense of community. Participants can share their artwork, receive feedback, and build connections with fellow artists. This regular artistic practice not only enhances their skills but also boosts their confidence in expressing themselves through art.

Affirmation Art Multiple Days

Self-expression is a crucial aspect of the arts, and Clubhouse @ Your House recognizes the importance of fostering a positive self-image among young artists. Their Affirmation Art sessions, held on multiple days, empower youth to create art that reflects their thoughts, emotions, and dreams. Through this process, participants not only develop their artistic abilities but also gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the world.

Hands-On Activities Multiple Days

Art goes beyond the canvas, and Clubhouse @ Your House understands this well. The program offers a variety of hands-on activities on multiple days, ranging from sculpture to crafting. These activities encourage participants to explore different mediums and expand their artistic horizons. By experimenting with various materials and techniques, young artists can discover their unique artistic voices and develop a versatile skill set.

Hip Hop Dance Wednesdays @ 7 PM EST/6 PM CST/ 5 PM MST/ 4 PM PST

Dance is a universal language that allows individuals to express their emotions and stories through movement. Clubhouse @ Your House introduces young artists to the world of dance with Hip Hop Dance classes every Wednesday at 7 PM ES. These energetic and engaging sessions not only teach dance skills but also promote physical fitness and self-confidence. Hip Hop Dance Wednesdays offer a space for participants to groove, learn, and grow as dancers.

Cooking Wednesdays @ 5 PM EST/4 PM CST/ 3 PM MST/ 2 PM PST

Cooking is an art form that engages the senses and nurtures creativity. Clubhouse @ Your House offers Cooking Wednesdays at 5 PM, allowing young artists to explore culinary arts. These sessions teach valuable life skills, foster an appreciation for diverse cuisines, and encourage creativity in the kitchen. Cooking Wednesdays are a delicious way for youth to express themselves through gastronomy.

Clubhouse @ Your House is more than just a program; it's a platform for young artists to explore their creative passions, connect with like-minded individuals, and gain valuable life skills. From drawing to dance, from affirmations to culinary creations, the program provides a diverse range of opportunities for youth to thrive in the arts. By fostering creativity and self-expression, Clubhouse @ Your House is empowering the next generation of artists to make their mark on the world. Join this vibrant community and discover the endless possibilities that art has to offer.

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