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Week 10 Session
Wrap-Up: Final Project Competition & Program Evaluation

Week 10 Curriculum

Welcome to Week 10 of the CoT Program. This page contains the program curriculum for the Week 10 session. 

Objectives: The objectives of this lesson are to:

  • Wrap up the 10-week CoT program.

  • Summarize and assess teen education and awareness of the CoT program, global climate change, transportation, and energy.

  • Provide details for the CoT Final Project Competition and review the CoT Final Project Competition Guidelines.

  • Complete and submit all required documents:

Week 10 Resources

Week 10 Facilitator Handbook ExcerptHere

(Facilitators) Final Project Competition Guidelines: Here

(Teens) Final Project Competition Guidelines: Here


Final Project Group Member Worksheet:

Climate Change Banners

Center of Transformation

Introduction Video


Kahoot! Game Competition

The first, second, and third place winners will win a prize.

Exercise or Activity


Teens will compete against each other to  demonstrate their knowledge on the Center of Transformation and Global Climate Change. There are 25 questions. The goal is to answer the most questions correctly and the fastest will get the most points.

1. Download the Kahoot! App or go to the website:

2 Enter the Game Pin (provided by your Facilitator).

3. Enter your First name (required to win a prize).

4. Play the game. Good luck!

5. Email 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner names to:


  1. Teens: Complete the CoT Teen Program Evaluation.

  2. Facilitators:

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