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Week 5 Session
Workforce Readiness: 21st Century Skills and Education

Week 5 Curriculum

Welcome to Week 5 of the CoT Program. This page contains the program curriculum for the Week 5 session. 

Objectives: The objectives of this session are to:

  • Understand and explore 21st century education and skills needed in global climate change, transportation, and energy industries.

  • Gain insights from career professionals' backgrounds and experiences.

  • Identify skills and interests that connect to various global climate change, transportation, and energy.

Week 5 Resources

Week 5 Facilitator Handbook Excerpt: Here

Join Us Live

(All club and organizations welcome!)

Virtual Career Professional Roundtable Discussion


Watch the Zoom Recording During

Your Normal Session

Zoom Recording Available: Click Here



21st Century Education and Skills Needed

Virtual Career Professional Roundtable Video


  • Career Professionals: Special career professionals will join as guests to share their diverse insights about their professional career journeys and how it relates to climate change, transportation, and energy.

  • Moderator: A CoT Teen will moderate the virtual session along with Dr. Christie Murray. The  Teen Moderator and CoT Teens will ask career professionals questions that CoT Teens submitted as part of their Week 4 Career Path Exploration activity.

Facilitator Instructions for Normal Sessions:​

  • If your club or organization is unable to join the live Virtual Career Professional Roundtable Discussion on February 27, 2024 at 5:30 pm EST, during your normally scheduled session time, play the Career Professional Roundtable Discussion video here.

  • Facilitate a discussion with your teens during or after watching the roundtable video. Use the debrief questions in the Wrap Up section below to help facilitate a discussion.


1. Session Debrief Questions:

  • What 21st century education or skills did the career professionals highlight?

  • What is one insight or piece of advice shared that resonated with you ?

  • Which professional or career did you find the most interesting? Why?

2.  Facilitator:

  • Provide an Overview of Week 6.

  • Record attendance for Week 5.

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