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Week 2 Session
STEM: Transportation Basics

Week 2 Curriculum

Welcome to Week 2 of the CoT Program. This page contains the program curriculum for the Week 2 session.

Objectives: The objectives of this session are to:

  • Provide a basic understanding of the modes of transportation.

  • Recognize how transportation can affect the greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Understand the science of how various forms of transportation contribute to climate change and what solutions may address the problem.

  • Select a mode of transportation and primary energy source that will be used for the CoT journey ahead.


Week 2 Resources

Week 2 Facilitator Handbook Excerpt: Here


Transportation Selection Worksheet: Here

Teen Registration:

Center of Transformation

Introduction Video

Duration: 11 min 55 secs

Transportation and Climate Change

Learning Video

Learning Video Cover.jpeg


Transportation Research and Video

Exercise or Activity

  • Part 1: Research a Mode of Transportation

    • Work in teams of two and select from one of the transportation modes (limit duplicate modes until all are covered): (1) cars, (2) buses, (3) trucks, (4) trains, (5) ships, (6) aircraft, (7) pipelines, or (8) micro mobility.

    • The teams will briefly research their selected mode of transportation and complete the Transportation Selection Worksheet online or print it out.

  • Part 2: Create a 60 second song/rap/or poem that includes:

    • (1) team member names

    • (2) the transportation mode selected

    • (3) who or what does the mode of transportation transport

    • (4) primary energy source(s) used

    • (5) describe the science of how the mode contributes or affects climate change challenge 

    • (6) offer one solution to addressing climate change for this mode of transportation.

  • Part 3:  Submit your video below:  

  • CoT staff will evaluate videos and may select a few winning videos for a prize and to feature on social media.


1.  Facilitator Debrief:

  • What was one new thing you learned about your selected transportation mode?

  • How does your selected mode affect or impact climate change?

2. Facilitator:

  • Provide an Overview of Week 3

  • Record attendance for Week 2.

3. Teens:

Week 2 - Transportation Video (60 sec)

Upload Video
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