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Week 3 Session
STEM: Energy Basics

Week 3 Curriculum

Welcome to Week 3 of the CoT Program. This page contains the program curriculum for the Week 3 session.

Objectives: The objectives of this session are to:

  • Provide a basic understanding of energy and its properties. 

  • Explore the difference between non-renewable (fossil fuels coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear fuel) and renewable (renewables, hydrogen, wind, water, solar, clean, and electric, biomass). 

  • Explore how different transportation modes use energy. 

  • Describe energy in the context of global climate change, transportation, and STEM and how we make decisions about energy, and the society-wide impacts of energy use related climate change. 

  • Participate in a hands-on energy activity or experiment. 


Week 3 Resources

Week 3 Facilitator Handbook Excerpt: Here


Energy Scavenger Hunt Worksheet: Here

Teen Registration:

Electric Car Charger

Center of Transformation

Introduction Video


Energy Virtual Scavenger Hunt Competition

Exercise or Activity

CoT Facilitators:

  • CoT Facilitators will be provided a Energy Scavenger Hunt Answer Sheet to help them determine examples of scavenger hunt correct objects.

  • CoT Facilitators will note the order of receiving the teen members' Energy Scavenger Hunt Worksheet to determine who completed the scavenger hunt first and had the most correct items found.

  • Note: Facilitators must provide their email addresses or collect the worksheets to determine the top two winners.

  • The top two members in each group who find the most correct scavenger hunt items the fast will objects win a prize.

  • Facilitators will verify the winners and email the names of the top two winners for each club or organization to:


1. Session Debrief Questions:

  • What are examples of renewable energy sources?

  • What are examples of non-renewable energy sources?

  • Is there one source of energy that is better than the others?

  • How does energy sources affect climate change?

2.  Teens:

4.  Facilitator:

  • Provide an Overview of Week 4.

  • Record attendance for Week 3.

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