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BGCGW- Clubhouse @ Your House Mission

Our Story

Through unprecedented times, our staff here at BGCGW continued to innovate,  working on ways to stay connected with our members during a time of social distance. Fueled by that purpose, Clubhouse @ Your House was born. 


Since 2020, Clubhouse @ Your House has revolutionized the way we connect and interact with youth through live virtual sessions and experiences. Our website and app provide a seamless, user-friendly experience for hosting and attending virtual events, sessions, and more, all at our members’ fingertips, meeting them on-the go, anytime, right exactly where they are. 


You can expect to easily explore our recorded sessions, browse schedules, and join live sessions here on our rebooted website or by downloading our app on iOS and Android devices. 


To learn more, check out the BGCGW Page Below.


Why Choose Clubhouse @ Your House?

Our Team.

At Clubhouse @ Your House, we understand that after school activities are important for the development of youth. That’s why we’ve created a virtual after school program with a team of diverse program leaders from various backgrounds and parts of the country.

Youth are our passion and we’re committed to providing a safe, fun, and engaging space for youth to explore, learn, and grow. With our virtual after school program, kids can take part in a range of activities such as art, stem, e-sports, and  much more!


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