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Week 1 Session
Introduction to CoT and Global Climate Change

Week 1 Curriculum

Welcome to Week 1 of the CoT Program. We are excited to have Teen Members and CoT Facilitators joining us.  This page contains the program curriculum for the Week 1 session. This week's session will focus on introducing CoT and and introduce global climate change, the greenhouse effect, and the science behind the phenomena. Teen Members are strongly encouraged to pay close attention to the Introduction and Learning Videos.

Objectives: The objectives of this session are to:

  • Introduce members to the Center of Transformation (CoT) and provide an overview of the 10-week program, final project competition, and invitation to the CoT Summit.

  • Complete the online Teen Registration Form (if not already complete).

  • Provide a basic understanding of global climate change, greenhouse gases (like carbon dioxide), why global climate change is important, and how it affects us all.

  • Explain why climate change is not a future problem – it has already started.

Teen Registration: If you have not completed your Teen Registration Form, please complete it today at:


Center of Transformation

Introduction Video

CO2 and Global Climate Change

Learning Video

Learning Video Cover.jpeg

Kahoot! Game Competition

The first, second, and third place winners will win a prize.

Exercise or Activity

Teens will compete against each other to  demonstrate their knowledge on the Center of Transformation and Global Climate Change. There are 20 questions. The goal is to answer the most questions correctly and the fastest will get the most points.

1. Download the Kahoot! App or go to the website:

2 Enter the Game Pin (provided by your Facilitator).

3. Enter your First name (required to win a prize).

4. Play the game. Good luck!

5. Email 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner names to:


  1. Facilitator: Session Debrief Questions:

    • What was one new thing you learned about the Center of Transformation? 

    • What was one new thing you learned about Climate Change

    • Did anything from the climate change video surprise you? 

  2. Teens: Complete Teen Registration

  3. Facilitator:

  • Provide an overview of Week 2.

  • Record attendance for Week 1.

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